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Cosmetic Boot Camp 2012 in Colorado Springs Highlights


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Dr. Montes would like to share some of the concepts and advances discussed during the Cosmetic Boot Camp 2012 in Colorado Springs.


I. Filler Injection: Cannulas or Needles?


With Cannula


  • Less trauma to tissues, less pain, less bruising and edema
  • Longer duration of filler has been reported
  • Great for tear trough treatment, hands dorsum and chest wrinkling




  • For some locations and products such as poly L Lactic acid, optimum technique is best with needle (glabellar, perioral, “temporal”areas)


Conclusion: Embrace both techniques


II. Neurotoxin Preference


Some injectors prefer Dysport over Botox for Crow’s feet area claiming that greater diffusion of Dysport may be desirable quality for this area. Forehead injection with Botox is preferred since less diffusion is desired to avoid complications such as Eyebrow Ptosis.


III. Devices


  • Body sculpting treatments with cryoliposis (fat cell destruction with cold) should be coupled with a post procedure massage in order to improve out comes. (Zeltiq)
  • Radio Frequency fat melting technique (Exilis) is a safe procedure offering the advantage of fat reduction and tissue tightening.


Conclusion: None of these methods are intended for weight loss. Best results are seen in patients with an ideal weight but areas of fat, resistant to exercise and diet.


IV. Coming up…


Amazing technologies such as transdermal drug delivery systems with Botox (Revance) and non Invasive sub mental fat reduction (Kythera) are in the process of being approved soon.


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