Kenneth Beer MD. PA.
West Palm Beach Office: 1500 North Dixie Highway, 561-655-9055
JUPITER Office: 641 UNIVERSITY BoulevarD, SUITE 212, 561-932-1707
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"March Botox Still Rocks!"


Hey there! I love how natural this looks. The lines are going to increase as the weight drops, but they're no match for your syringe. Smile. Thanks again, Ken. And hope all's well.





Dear Kenneth,


We thank you for your support through donations; our office runs on the kindness and compassion of American citizens like yourself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the office. Thank you for your continued patriotism and support for this Nation's military, veterans, and their families.

Kathleen M. Kelly
Assistant Station Manager
Walter Reed-Bethesda
American Red Cross



Dr. Beer,

I wrote to you last year praising your skin care products, Scientific Skin, and relating how people could not believe the improvement in my appearance, especially my skin tone and texture ...thanks again!

Anonymous Customer



Dear Dr. Beer,

Dr. Beer is consistently professional in his mannerism, efficiency, and knowledge of dermatology. I feel he is the best at what he does in Palm Beach County.

Barbara P.



Dear Dr. Beer,

I want to take a moment to let you know how forever grateful I am to you for the way you took care of my mother. You went far beyond the call of duty and friendship, and to just say "thank you" is just not enough. You are an angel on this earth!! May your life be filled with health and joy and all good things. Thank you for everything.

Judy B.



Dear Dr. Beer,

Thank you very much for all the attention and care given to my wife during her appointment.

Frank H.



Thank you for the invitation to participate in what I consider the best Cosmetic Course in United States. I had the most rewarding experience by exchanging ideas and concepts with such as respectful Faculty and a fun and learning experience with attendees and vendors.


My commitment with this year course is over, but not with the Cosmetic Boot Camp Organization since I will remain as a true and enthusiastic advocate for this wonderful program in every single city, country or activity in which I get invited as a speaker.


My best wishes that this initiative continues growing with excellence.


José R. Montes, MD.



Ok...I have not been to a Dermatologist in like forever and Dr Beer's office very clean and comfortable, his staff is a very nice and professional group of ladies, very pleasant and I am ever so thankful for my friend referring me to a fabulous dermatologist office and my friend Denise works there and i felt even more comfortable. I was not seen by the Doctor but his assistant Hillary, wow!! very knowledgeable and gentle and Carmen made it happen with her knowledge of insurance, I would refer everyone to this office and I am definitely looking forward to a visit to the spacara to have a nice facial. Thank you and please continue the five star customer service, it shines like a golden star. Oh yes i used the bamboo exfoliation one day and i love the way my skin looks, I'm making it part of my facial regimen, I'll definitely make this my dermatologist office. Thank you all very much.




Thank you for helping me to erase my regrets. My regrets being the early skin damage caused by my sun-bathing with baby oil and iodine. When I came to you I felt as if there was no hope for the wrinkles and discolorations on my face. However, you have rejuvenated my skin with your WONDERFUL products. Your patient consultations and non-invasive procedures also have put a SMILE on my new unwrinkled face.

I would also like to praise your staff for their professionalism and friendliness. They always put in that extra effort to make me feel comfortable and special.




I have never felt better and more confident since you started treating me. I literally have strangers stopping to ask what I do to make my skin so perfect.....which thanks to you, is without make-up. I love the opportunity to tell them what you've done for me personally. Being a redhead with ultra sensitive, red, dry skin, I've struggled my entire life with crazy skin ailments. I even completed esthetician school at night just to educate myself on the products I should be using! It sounds drastic, but I was desperate for help that I wasn't finding. I wish I had found you sooner.....I could have saved $9,000 and a lot of time!! Between your products (scrub is beyond amazing), the lasers, and fillers, you have given me the gift of peace. I'm no longer searching for the fad products/procedures because I no longer bear the burden of having to "figure it out myself". I trust and know that you provide me with the best.....which to me is worth the world. This is why I keep your phone number on speed dial, so I can so readily share it with others.

THANK YOU DR. BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aimee Weaver :)

PS. Hillary and your staff are AMAZING, truly. I also tell many people that no one cares more about your health than your mother.......and Hillary & the nurses. It's TRUE!!!!!!



Thank you so much for the delicious box of Florida oranges. They brought the sunshine with them and you know how much I love fresh, local fruit. Also thank you for sending me the scar ointment after my unfortunate accident. It arrived the same day I had my stitches removed. I think the wound is healing very nicely and there should be very little scarring. It was kind of you to send this as soon as you heard the news. Hope to see you in Palm Beach sometime soon.




Martha Stewart Signature


Martha Stewart



Thank you so much for treating me to fillers and botox at yesterday's NYC Cosmetic Bootcamp. I feel honored to be chosen as a model for the second year....and I love the results.


You are a master...I highly recommend you.


Thank you for the lift!




Dr. Beer is my favorite doctor. He sincerely sees his patients as friends, and I have always felt comfortable about accepting his advice, and about asking questions of him.


Over the past few years I've had several injections to help my facial appearance. I'm 70 and people still tell me I look younger--so the past few years of an extended social life I owe to Dr. Beer. If i don't need an injection, he tells me.


I've never had a "mishap" with any of the injections, very minimal bruising and no pain. I also have never experienced a feeling that he was being extravagant in doing perhaps unnecessary injections, but only what he felt was warranted, after analysis, towards a worthwhile aesthetic improvement. Just had some "filler" a couple of days ago and I look SOOO much better.




Thank You and thanks for helping me to look my best. My lips really turned out nice and I love the skin care.




"I read about you in an article about celebrities and skincare. I wanted to write because I was a patient of yours about ten years ago. I have not
sunbathed since I was about 15 and you had been very supportive of that. You really impressed upon me the importance of staying out of the sun and I am very appreciative. I still mention you to friends when we talk about sun damage/skin care/skin cancer. I was happy to see your web site and wish you well with your practice and business."



Hopwell, NJ


“I’ve been in the aesthetic industry for 15 years and have tried every product on the market. Dr. Beer’s skin care regimen is the most effective product I have ever used! My skin’s texture has become smooth and bright almost overnight!”




I wanted to thank you for steering me in the direction of Dr. Beer's new skin care line. Being active in the Florida sun, it is imperative to use the proper products to keep from losing the battle of time and exposure. My dark spots have faded, and the fine lines are popping back to a smooth appearance around the eyes.
Thanks again for a wonderful line.



Evaluation Report for Dr. Kenneth Beer

Listening to Patient Problem A+
Diagnosis A+
Prescribing Medication A+
Results A+




Just have to rave about Dr. Beer and his staff. I have tried many doctors and products, literally, world wide. I have gotten a better result with Dr. Beer procedures and products.


Sheila Shane, RN



I was amazed when I read some of the reviews on Dr. Beer. While I have never experienced the "cold, rude, or unfeeling emotions" some of the reviewers mentioned, I wondered what these patients were looking for..... a highly skilled doctor or a new best friend? I would much prefer going to a doctor who will be honest, direct, and realistic about the results that can be achieved, rather than a doctor who will just tell me what I want to hear to sell the service. I have found Dr. Beer to be personable, caring, and always willing to spend the time needed to go the extra mile to ensure the best results possible. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a highly skilled, well respected doctor. Looking for warm and fuzzy? Get a dog!




I'd like to say a few words about Dr. Beer:


I have been his patient for quite a few months. He has given me a number of Radiesse injections as well as taking care of a skin problem I've had for 2 years prior to seeing him, and I visited many, many doctors. I just gave up when someone gave me Dr. Beer's name and phone number. He is just about the best Doctor in his field and certainly the most caring. To his credit he has an office staff that is second to none. So glad he's in my life.





Thank You so very much for your products!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!The exfoliator first of all surprised me with that warm sensation,and the consistency of the granules was just right. Then the serum slid on my face and felt so moisturizing and what I loved about it was that it had absolutely no scent. I am very interested in your other products. You're products are the best and I definitely will be talking about them to other people. Yours truly, Leah Make-Up Artist for the CBS Early Show… Hope to see you some day again in the future....


I want to tell you how deeply I appreciate your extraordinary care and consummate skin in connection with my recent medical procedure. Although I had a problem due to my own difficulty in healing, you never let me feel that I was alone and you and your staff extended every kindness and comfort to me. You made yourself available to me at all times, no matter how busy you were or how crowded your schedule. Please accept my sincere thanks and know in what high esteem I hold you and your staff.


Sincerely, Joy


Thank you!

Just a note to say thank you, Dr. Beer, Hillary and Denise, for making me feel so comfortable. My skin has always been a very sensitive subject for me. I am glad I "found" you and look forward to seeing improvement. Thank you for being so kind.

Megan A.

A week later I am feeling comfortable with my lips now... receiving compliments from the vendors as they see me for the first time in a few weeks. The removed lines simply amaze me!


It was a pleasure to send my daughter, Olivia, to your office yesterday. Your Treatment of her complexion has been a great success. She looks beautiful and I thank you for accomplishing this.

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Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the recent liposuctions procedure on my neck. I can only say the results were beyond my expectations. I have had a "double chin" for most of my adult life. It has always bothered me. It is almost like magic that in a single procedure taking less than an hour, it is gone! The procedure was painless. I knew I was in good hands with you and your staff from beginning to end. I feel 10 years have come off my face (as do others from comments I have received).

I would recommend this procedure to anyone with a similar problem. You made me feel confident and calm during the liposuction and I must say, Ronda, your assistant was wonderful as well. The entire staff is helpful and very professional.

Thank you again... YOU ARE ONE GREAT DOCTOR!!!



I thought I would send these pics for you to show Dr. Beer - he might be interested in seeing them. The first three are close-ups of the two places on my face that had caused me concern, before I came for the consultation.

My surgery for the basal cell carcinoma was done on November 8, and the first photo was taken on November 10 (I think) when the first bandage was removed.

The photo at the bottom was taken a few moments ago on November 30, wearing no makeup. I've come a long way - there's just a small area left to finish healing, so hopefully it will soon be all over.

I really appreciate so much what Dr. Beer did for me and I will send another photo to show him what the final result looks like when I'm completely healed. I'm very happy that this was diagnosed and caught before it was much too late. Just yesterday I met a friend here in Barbados who recently lost almost the whole side of her nose and had to have a graft taken from her neck. She had it done at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, where the local dermatologist told her was the only place in Florida that performed Mohs surgery. I told her about Dr. Beer and have sent all the contact information to them. I'm so happy that I came across his book in a Barnes & Noble, and that he was able to attend to me.

I want to thank all of you for making me feel so comfortable, and for all your kindness. Congratulations to Dr. Beer for surrounding himself with the most wonderful caring staff - I've told everybody how confident I felt in his hands. A special hello and thank you to Christina!

Kindest regards to everyone, VM


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