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Experienced Staff & Personalized Attention

Kenneth Beer MD PA is honored to have several staff members here for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and offer personalized attention to our patients. Whether offering them a beverage of choice, helping them to their car or giving them an individualized skin analysis, we want our patients to know that we care. The education of our staff is imperative to facilitating patient safety while in our office. Dr. Beer offers continuing education to his staff by having an in-service training by the company, attending annual dermatology meetings or by having the privilege to assist him and his faculty at the Cosmetic Bootcamp meeting each summer.

Medical Assistants

Our medical assistants combined have over 60 years of experience, which is why so many patients know Lisa, Angela, Rhonda and Elizabeth on a first name basis and are always thrilled to have any one of them assisting them with their general dermatology, laser or injectable procedures. Dr. Beer has an in-office lab with a Histology Technician. Many of the staff members have had procedures done in the office and are willing to share their experiences with prospective patients on treatments such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Sclerotherapy, Isolaz for Acne, Laser Hair Reduction and more. Before entering the room, feel free to have our assistants pass any questions on to Dr. that might be a bit embarrassing or worrisome. Our goal is to make you feel at ease and look your very best!

Lisa Lusk Medical Assistant Cosmetic & General Dermatology Palm Beach, Florida

Lisa Lusk

Medical Assistant, Since 2007

Angela Perkins Medical Assistant Cosmetic & General Dermatology Palm Beach, Florida

Angela Perkins

Medical Assistant, Since 1997

Rhonda Wright Medical Assistant Cosmetic & General Dermatology Palm Beach, Florida

Rhonda Wright

Medical Assistant, Since 1998

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Medical Assistant, Since 2014

Front Desk

Many of you know that Connie has been with Dr. Beer since 1995 and Carmen has been with him since 1997! What more can be said for longevity and loyalty from two fantastic team players? Antuaney and Jennifer are the newest members of our front desk staff, and have already proven to be lovely additions to our practice. Whether it’s answering the phones, making appointments or checking patients out, our front desk team will do their best to make sure your visit is timely, comfortable and pleasant.

Carmen Perez Front Desk Coordinator Cosmetic & General Dermatology Palm Beach, Florida

Carmen Perez

Front Desk Coordinator, Since 1997

Connie Maldonado Front Desk Coordinator Cosmetic & General Dermatology Palm Beach, Florida

Connie Maldonado

Front Desk Coordinator, Since 1995

Antuaney Padilla

Front Desk Coordinator, Since 2016

Jennifer Keays

Front Desk Coordinator, Since 2016

Business & Financial

Monica Dunn, RN, BSN Director of Research Clinical Research Trials

Monica Dunn, RN, BSN

Practice Administrator

Callie Brown

Business Office Manager

Samantha Greenberg

Financial Office Manager

Brandon Fulton

File Room Specialist

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