Total Body Exams

Total Body Exams

Total body skin examinations are performed by dermatologists (skin doctors) to search for any unusual or suspicious lesions or conditions on the skin surface. When examining people at high risk for skin cancer, dermatologists search for atypical or abnormal-looking moles that could be melanoma, and they also check any previous skin biopsy sites for signs of recurrence.

You may call one of our two convenient locations in West Palm Beach 561-655-9055 or Jupiter 561-932-1707 to schedule a total body skin examination with Dr. Beer.

People who have changing, or numerous moles; anyone with a personal or a family history of melanoma or either kind of non-melanoma skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

The dermatologist will examine your entire skin surface, so you will be asked to remove all of your clothing and to put on a paper gown. Your modesty will be respected at all times as the physician examines one part of your body at a time. Melanoma can arise anywhere on the skin surface, even in places that have never been exposed to the sun.

The team of providers here at Kenneth Beer MD. PA. will suggest a follow-up schedule for routine total body skin exams based on what he or she finds during your exam and based on your personal and family history.

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