Clinical Trials FAQ

Clinical trials FAQ – Clinical trials are an important part of medical research and making the decision to be a volunteer is one that you should discuss with both your family physician as well as family members. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding clinical trials and should you need further information please call our office at the number listed.

Clinical trials are controlled tests used to determine the safety and effectiveness of certain drugs, cosmeceuticals, and/or devices. These trials give doctors needed information to develop better treatment regimens and provide increased patient safety with the introduction of new medications.

Through clinical trials new advances in treatments are discovered. As a participant you will have access to these new treatments before they become available to the public.

Each clinical trial has a list of criteria regarding its participants. These criteria can include but are not limited to age, sex, medical condition/s, current medications, and previous treatment history.

Our site has numerous trials that are ongoing and new trials are added frequently. You can learn more about the various clinical trials we have available on our enrolling studies page or by calling the office at 561-655-9055.

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Clinical Trials

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