Kenneth Beer MD. PA.
West Palm Beach Office: 1500 North Dixie Highway, 561-655-9055
JUPITER Office: 641 UNIVERSITY BoulevarD, SUITE 212, 561-932-1707
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General Dermatology


Dr. Kenneth Beer
Hillary Julius, PA-C
Dr. Kenneth R. Beer, M.D. FAAD
Hillary Julius, PA-C, MMS
Monica Dunn, RN, BSN
Maria Howe
Monica Dunn, RN, BSN
Maria Howe
Research Coordinator

Clinical Trials Team


Clinical Trials Team


Kenneth Beer MD. PA. in West Palm Beach, FL began conducting clinical trials over 10 years ago. Dr. Kenneth R. Beer formed this research institute to conduct clinical trials in dermatology, dermatologic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, and dermatologic laser therapy. Our institute offers a separate suite dedicated specifically to clinical trials. Kenneth Beer MD. PA. has partnered with domestic and international pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies. Our goal at Kenneth Beer MD. PA. is to offer cutting edge treatments to our patients while providing the best patient care.


Dr. Kenneth Beer has over 10 years of clinical research experience and has a full-time clinical staff dedicated to dermatologic research. Our Director of Clinical Research, Monica Dunn, RN, BSN has extensive knowledge and experience in dermatology as well as clinical research. Monica has been with Kenneth Beer MD PA for over 10 years and has worked as the Director of Clinical Research since Kenneth Beer MD PA was formed. The newest member of the clinical trials team, Maria Howe, has over 12 years of clinical experience and has joined Kenneth Beer MD PA as a research coordinator.


Today, the Kenneth Beer MD. PA. is regarded as one of the top clinical research sites and has revolutionized treatment standards in general and aesthetic dermatology. Our dedicated staff and our state of the art facilities enable efficient and timely clinical trial completion.


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